Phonetic transcription used in blog :

Phonetic transcription used in the blog :

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aa /

balm, father


a /

bed, pet


e /

bid, pit


O /



uhu /

put, full


ng /अं


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Geographical Terms

Danyi: Sun

Danyi Byu : Sun with rainbow ring

Piilo: Moon

Pillo Byu : Moon with Rainbow ring

Taker: Star.

Gyopu : Meteors /Shooting Star.
(According to narration,Gyopu is rarely seen and it visible only for fraction of a second and it is believed that person who saw this(Gyopu) become Poor, and unnatural events such as murder, fire incident etc, happen in and around the area at which Gyopu falls !!)

Jomii : Cloud.
Yapuñ : Sky

Korlañ:Thunder bolt.
Dolya : Lightning.

Padu Alyi : Spring Wind

Emer : Dew drops

Tarie : Hailstone.

Tiipiñ / Tapiñ : Ice

Pembe : Snow

Miido : Rain
Dopuñ Miido : Sun shower
Nyime-Yaru : Rainbow.

Hapiñ : Mist.
Hapiñ Tagiañ : Fog
Muku : Smoke

Putu/Yorbii : Hill or mountain.
Yordiñ : Upper part of hill.
Yorko : foothill of mountain.

Biidañ dara:Cliff.
Gekka: Valley.
Pabu-Pakho: Gorge 
Siimi : Lake
Siigañ : Rivulet or Stream.

Kiiley : River
Kiiley siilyo : River bank.

Siiper : Pond
Ngiiyi siiper :Fish pond
Bogo/Bogo Borañ : A Traditional dam to divert water into canal(Photo source).

Siigañ : Canal.
Yallañ : Stone 
Yallang :

Dikhii : Sand

Siimer : Silt
Jebi : Mud

Dekiñ : Clay

                                                    To be continue.......................


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