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Phonetic transcription used in the blog :

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aa /

balm, father


a /

bed, pet


e /

bid, pit


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uhu /

put, full


ng /अं


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


                                                                              Kiidi Payu:
Kiidi Payu Apu :

Tarko Sanii :
Sangii Sanii: Leaves of this tree were used for making YATII(used for shielding rain):
Tabiyo : Chimonobambusa callosa
(A variety of bamboo with thorns all around its node of stem)

Piisa sanii: Pine Tree (Pinus wallichiana)


                                 Dolo Sanii(Hija version) or Tapo Sanii (Hari and bamin michi version):

Tabu Niimi (Hari version) & Tabu Riibi (Hija version) :

Tabu Sarpu Tayiñ : Phallus indusiatus

Miiyañ :
(In olden days before the availability of match box, a dried miiyang was used for making fire by placing it on the hard stone(Tako-laro) and hit it with strip of metal resulting in ignition of miiyang).

Salyo Sanii : Magnoliaceae (Michelia champaca)

Niiji Yanii : Sterculia urens.

Pubu Anii(leaf) :
[This leaf is used for covering tails of Takhii (orange bellied himalyan squireel-Dremomys Lokria) 
which is used in marriage or puja like Myoko or Murung] and Flower is called as Pubu Apu.

 Palu Anii / Sanii :

 : ??


: ??

: ??

: ??

Riije : ???

 : ???

Bije : Bamboo(Phyllostachys bambusoides)

Behe/ Byapu:

Tiipii-pii :

Kiira sanii: Castanopsis spp.
Type of Kiira-sanii : a)Riihiñ , b)Korbiñ and c)Rahu.

Tai Belañ(Hari) or Sankha Melyañ (Diibo, Hija) :

Tamiñ sanii : Mahonia nepalensis

Uyi-Tanyi: Cobra Lily (source)

Uyi-Tanyi: Ripen Cobra Lily

Tarie : Fern.

Piirii : Nettle (Contact of skin with this plant cause skin itching with rashes)

Nendu Sanii: Sesame(Sesamum indicum).

Takku sanii :Cucumber creeper.

Borba Tami : Ageratum conyzoides 
(Medicinal plants useful for curing Cut and wounds).

Hiinyañ Tami :Sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica/microphylla).

Tiimiñ :Rubia cordifolia.
(It is a medicinal plant and is also good source of natural dye,
 in olden days it was used for dyeing red color to "Ahu" of "Yari".)

Ririe Tami : Mikania micrantha

Siitii-Byako Sanii : Solanum xanthocarpum.

Lobyo Tiire :

      Tiipe Tiire :

Tolyo : Allium hookeri

Bagañ-Riniyo Apu : Primula sp.

Hiinyañ Tami Apu : (Mimosa pudica/microphylla)

Takuñ Apu :Peach flower.

Senyi Apu/Senyi-muru Apu :Rhododendron arboreum.

Papi Apu  : Hedychium ellipticum

Pubu Apu : 

Subu Tute Apu: Wild strawberry flower

Sankhañ Melyañ Apu :

 Neha Apu :

Parii Molañ Apu :

Tolyo Apu :

Mima Apu :

Dani Lyancho Apu

Loli Apu :

 Tagur Enso : A kind of weeds that look alike Paddy.

Tayiñ :Mushroom(general).

Tiipañ : Algae.

Tiipañ : Azolla.

Tiipañ : Lemna Minor.

Yasi-Yaru : Water hyacinth.
Yaru : Non edible wild Taro plant.
Pepu : Phragmites karka.
A Tubular plant use for making local mat and indigenous salt(piyu/tapiyo) preparation.

Tiibe Akho : Sugarcane.

Sarse : Millet (Eleusine coracana)

Takuñ/Kondi sanii:Peach tree( prunus persica)

To be continue............


  1. Very appreciating,go ahead for preserving and upholding Tani language

  2. @Anonymous
    Thanks a lot for visiting and your comment. Do keep visiting. If you got time, do go through contents of blog and help me out the some name which i could not get/still searching, I would be very glad if you could do this and this is also request to all Viewers.


  3. wow..marvellous!!
    A picture comes louder than a thousand words.

    I am encouraged to start a site like yours soon!!

  4. @Buru
    Thanks a lot for your comment and i am glad to hear that you have been encouraged to start like me, All The Best.

  5. Annu Tara,
    Yes it is "Niiji Yanii"
    Millo Tago,


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